Autodesk AutoCAD 

Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD software, one of the world's leading 2D and 3D design applications. Bring speed to documentation through "Parametric drawing" to define relationships between objects, "Sheet Sets" to organize and manage your drawing sheets efficiently, "Dynamic Blocks" to save time when using standard/repetitive components, and "Annotation Scaling" to spend less time sizing and resizing annotations. Explore your ideas with "3D Free-Form Design" (using surface, mesh, and solid modeling tools), "Powerful Visualization Tools", "3D Navigation Tools", and "Point Cloud Support" for bringing 3D laser scans into AutoCAD on renovation and restoration projects. Communicate seamlessly with "Native DWG Support", "PDF Import/Export", "DWF Support", "Photorealistic rendering", and "3D Printing". Customize with Ease to suit your project through AutoCAD's "Customizable User Interface", "Programming Interface", and "Partner Products/Services".

Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D

Support productivity, improve accuracy, and enhance coordination with AutoCAD Plant 3D plant layout design software. Built on the familiar AutoCAD software platform, these tools bring modern 3D plant design to designers and engineers who model and document process plants. Generate and share isometrics, orthographics, and materials reports.

Autodesk Inventor 

The Autodesk Inventor product line provides a comprehensive and flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, simulation, tooling creation, and design communication that help you cost-effectively take advantage of a Digital Prototyping workflow to design and build better products in less time.

Bently AutoPlant Modeler V8i

Improve your plant design process with the advanced 3D design and modeling of AutoPLANT Modeler. Increase efficiency with a tightly integrated set of tools to design intelligent piping, equipment, and raceways. Save time and money with industry proven software that increases collaboration across your project design team. Increase productivity and the quality of your process plant designs by using AutoPLANT Modeler to:

  • Save time with a single streamlined application with comprehensive functionality including building models and creating accurate isometrics
  • Reduce the cost of project collaboration by integrating with other Bentley plant design and data management applications via shared plant project databases
  • Lower project risk with mature, industry-proven software that offers leading design component libraries and the latest AutoCAD technology
  • Ensure information mobility with integrity through ProjectWise integration, which supports data sharing among stakeholders
  • Save money on scalable software that is designed to grow as you grow and can stand alone or be used on large, distributed projects
  • Execute design reviews, resolve clashes, and optimize layouts faster within the context of the full plant model using Bentley Navigator integration


CADWorx is an integrated series of CAD software for plant design and automation providing intelligent drawing/database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, easy-to-use drafting tools and the world's only intelligent link between CAD and pipe stress analysis.

  • CADWorx Plant & Plant Professional: Flagship CADWorx Program that includes 2D & 3D Piping, Steel, HVAC, cabletrays, Automatic Isometrics, BOMs, Equipment and much more. Professional version includes clash detection, Isogen, enhanced equipment modeling, Navisworks Roamer for 3D walk-through, stairs, ladders, handrails, CAESAR II structural export and dynamic database connectivity.
  • CADWorx P&ID & P&ID Professional: Process & Instrumentation Diagram software. Professional version includes live database connectivity, loop drawing generation & CADWorx Internet Publisher.
  • CADworx Steel: CADWorx Plant's structural steel capabilities provided as a steel-only, stand-alone product.
  • CADworx Data Sheets: This module consists of instrument and equipment datasheet modules that can be used standalone or to leverage intelligent data by linking to CADWorx P&ID Professional project databases.
  • CADWorx Loops: Automatic Loop Drawing generation - works in conjunction with CADWorx/P&ID to create loop drawings automatically from a template drawing using data from the P&ID database.
  • CADWorx FieldPipe: Integration of Leica laser measurement technology with CADWorx Plant Professional for use in creating accurate on-site as-build 3D plant models in AutoCAD unique to Leica and CADWorx Plant Professional.
  • ISOGEN: Automatic isometric module that augments CADWorx Plant's Isometric generation capabilities.
  • Sanitary, Food & Pharmaceutical: Pipe & Fitting module for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries which includes all of the varied end-connections and components not found in most other industries.
  • Ductile Iron: Now included with CADWorx Plant Professional.
  • CADWorx Design Review: CADWorx Design Review is a 3D-walk-through and visualization tool that allows you to read AutoCAD models.


  • FlexCAD Industrial Design Series: IDS-FLOW is a complete module for creation of intelligent PFD's and P&ID's.
  • FlexPLANT Industrial Design Series: IDS-ISO is a complete module for spec-driven creation of intelligent spool drawings and associated BOM/MTO reports.
  • FlexCAD Industrial Design Series: IDS-STEEL is a complete module for creation of intelligent structural & civil orthographic drawings of equipment structures, pipe racks, and support buildings such as control houses, substations, analyzer houses, and operator shelters, as well as administration buildings and warehouses.
  • FlexCAD Industrial Design Series: IDS-PIPE is a complete module for creation of intelligent plant layouts, equipment arrangements, and piping orthographic drawings.

GTXRaster CAD 

GTXRaster CAD 2010 Series is a solution for bringing legacy and scanned drawings into your design environment. It's features include raster cleanup, raster editing, raster-to-vector conversion, and color reduction/separation tools that are fully compatible and optimized to run in the AutoCAD 2010 environment.


MicroStation V8i is to design, model, visualize, document, map, and sustain infrastructure projects. It delivers an integrated and proven suite of intuitive, interactive, and highly interoperable capabilities to the desktop.

SmartPlant P&ID 

SmartPlant P&ID is an asset-centric, rule-driven, engineering solution that can help to efficiently create, maintain, and improve plant configurations. SmartPlant P&ID helps you design and configure the plant processes using design rules that enforce engineering and client standards. It enables you to configure the plant accurately and make the right decision early on in the design cycle, increasing efficiency of downstream design activities such as control system design and piping. Engineering decisions made in five minutes impact the 40-year life span of a plant; making early accurate design decisions important. SmartPlant plays a key role in design, construction, commissioning, operational tasks, and expansions or modifications. In addition, the SmartPlant P&ID data can be leveraged to plant operation-critical systems, such as control systems (SmartPlant Instrumentation) and safety with HAZOP analysis (SmartPlant Process Safety).